Read what others say about Cynthia Viejo as their REALTOR® of Choice: 











I have know Cynthia for many years.  She is a wonderfully intelligent and thorough business woman.  Her knowledge of our community is unsurpassed and she will be certain to find not only the perfect home but a place where you will stay forever.  ~~  Excellent ~Karen Quillen

We’re Sold

To fully understand the service provided by me, perhaps it’s best to hear what a few satisfied customers had to say:


“Cynthia was always available to answer all of our questions and concerns.  She returned our calls promptly and was so helpful  and knowledgeable about our concerns.  Her personal attention to detail was amazing.   I would highly recommend Cynthia!” 

“We have a long working relationship with Cynthia.  She is always available and there is such ease in communication. She is so reliable – like a rock!”
“Cynthia is always so friendly.  Always there for us when we needed her.  Cynthia was amazing from start to finish.  When she went out of town, she gave a list of people who could continue to assist us while she was gone.  We want to thank her and her staff so much.  They were great too! 
As first time home buyers who were nervous and timid, during the entire process, Cynthia was so reassuring and truly guided us through all of the steps.  She always did what was best for us and seemed to really care about what was the best decision for us.  We have already told everyone we know GO WITH CYNTHIA . 

“Cynthia exhibits such professionalism.   I live out of town and Cynthia did the home inspection  for me and she was great at finding mistakes with the house that the builder promptly repaired. “

 “Cynthia was so on top of things and accessible (not sure when she sleeps?) This was a long distance move and she made it as smooth and stress free as possible.  We found her from her website on an internet search.  She was great!”

 “We live in Texas and it is not easy selling long distance.  Cynthia made the transaction so easy.  We found Cynthia from her great website.  Cynthia was amazing and has a great work ethic!”

 “Cynthia was great to work with.  The one thing that really stood out about Cynthia was her commitment to dependability.  She is exceptional.”

 “We discovered Cynthia through her up to date website.  We like to look on-line at housing first.  Cynthia was not pushy in any way.  She was very efficient, quick to return phone calls, and very resourceful.” 

 “My daughter had worked with Cynthia Viejo 8 years ago and she highly recommended her.  When I wanted to buy a home she said that Cynthia was the one to call.  She was great!”

 “The patience that Cynthia exhibited during our long and often tedious search process was amazing.  We thought Cynthia’s grasp of the entire Real Estate process and her knowledge was exceptional.  She was acutely aware of our needs.  Our daughter had worked with her twice and thought she was exceptional.”

 “Cynthia was kind, friendly and quite helpful .  She also gave us many helpful hints about the area.  Co-workers who had worked with her highly recommended her.  I have also referred her many times.”

 “Cynthia was most helpful and very knowledgeable—she always could answer my questions.  I appreciated her returning my phone calls promptly.  It was a pleasure to work with her.  Cynthia went above and beyond in helping me.  I am so grateful.   I am a widow and I have never bought a home on my own and she held my hand through the entire process.”

 “I was impressed with Cynthia –when problems came up she got them resolved.  Most Realtors would have dumped the problems in the hands of the attorney.”

I “We have done 3 transactions with Cynthia.  Her ready availability- almost as if we were her only customers always amazes us.   I would highly recommend her. “

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